Dear friends, hacktivists and open source business people,
Summer can be a slower (and a bit lazier) period for working, but when it comes to community engagement, working becomes the next summer adventure! :D
This time we would like to share with you one of our work with the "LibreOffice community engagement microsite" - a tool which makes it very easy for new contributors to get involved with the LibreOffice community and explore the opportunities they have to contribute to the project, based on their skills and on what they would like to do for the ecosystem. LibreOffice is a project we are actively engaged on several levels. For us, obligations on FLOSS communities are essentially crucial, but it ain't a secret that LibreOffice is one of our most favorite projects and one of the platforms we are happy to contribute due to its fantastic community.
Based on our long engagement with open source communities, we have realized some major obstacles for beginners who want to contribute on open source software, and probably one of the most frequently self-asked questions from potential first-time contributors is From where should I start?
This is how the microsite idea was born. Inspired by the site and excessively motivated by young FLOSS enthusiasts we met at LibOCon last year, we proposed to the community a similar idea: WhatCanIDoForLibreOffice, a micro-site for beginners who want to contribute in the LibreOffice community.
The full story and all the details on this microsite are reflected to a dedicated blog-post to our involvement with this project.
And right after that, you can explore the microsite: and share your thoughts with us! Or, you can do more, you can help improving it.

OSCAL 2019 - We were there

We have already shared with you our excitement to attend Open Source Conference Albania 2019 - in case you were wondering how it all was a BLAST.
For our team events like OSCAL are the best party we could be invited. For us, Collective68, it is of a high importance to be in such events, because we really value local communities because it is where we come from, and have grown also as open source professionals. Events like this are also a place where we meet old (and new) friends to share thoughts and experiences, and discuss on the "hot topics" of the open source world.
We were very happy to be present at this event with a talk on "Open source cloud for Solopreneurs and small and medium businesses" by our team member Redon, and to also announce our Cloud service - the ready2use open source cloud infrastructure for SMEs, start-up and freelancers.
Read the whole story here:

More news on Open Source?

On March 1st we announced that Collective68 is offering professional Nextcloud services. As we are quite happy to see this project growing and improving, we would like to share with you a cool update by this project.
Nextcloud Text - an easy to use, collaborative rich-text editor using Markdown under the hood, was introduced last month by Nextcloud. This editor makes collaboration easier and at the same time it provides great text editing features to create professional documents.
Read here the full announcement and get all the information on the features this app provides for you!