Dear friends, hacktivists and open source business people,
As you might have guessed now, we are really passionate about decentralized platforms and solutions, on which, us, the users and owners, have full control of. Blogging has become of a great importance on the internet for publishers and choosing the right blogging platform can been quite challenging.
There have been various platforms with Medium being one of the most popular ones, which for a long time now are being used by various stakeholders as their main publishing platform. Its nice interface, intuitive user experience, easy access on metrics for blog posts, the mix of collaborative software and reading experience, or the potential for high traffic, make Medium preferable for first-time bloggers and brands which are looking to expand their reach to a built-in audience. On the other hand, Medium is purely commercializing its content of writings via paid membership policies, and at the same time it suffers the same issues as all centralized platforms, which make Medium not have the same worth, as it used to. We've gathered our opinion on this topic in a dedicated blog post which you can further read here. Through this blog post, one more time we have proposed our solution (and our own choices) to the above mentioned problems: self-hosted and open source platforms, with Ghost and being two of the most popular ones.

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We were there

Software Freedom Kosovo is an annual international conference held in Kosovo organized to promote free/libre open source software, free culture and open knowledge. This was the 8th edition and the 10th anniversary of the conference and we were happy to have members of our team to attend it. There were various people, FLOSS professionals and friends we had the opportunity to meet and have a beer with.


Looking forward to this one:

Open Source Conference Albania is an annual international conference,dedicated to empowering Software Freedom, Open Knowledge, Free Culture and Decentralization. This is the 6th edition and it will take place on 18th & 19th of May 2019. Our teammate Redon, will speak about "Open Source cloud for freelancers and SMEs". Collective68 has been promoting the use of self hosted cloud solution since day one, especially after the launch of the company offering professional Nextcloud services. During this session Redon will explain how freelancers and SMEs can benefit from it. All of our team will be present as well, in case you want to say Hi!


Join our Webinar

In collaboration with we will host an webinar on "How to administer your business with Open Source and Nextcloud". This comes after another successful open presentation on the same topic in Tirana:

For those interested to attend, you are still on time to register here: