Dear friends, hacktivists and open source business people,
Beginning of the year seems to be a very busy period, and it is very challenging for every FLOSS professional and contributor. This new year has found us working hard on the preparation of implementing Open Data Portal for Kor├ža Municipality, contributing to different FLOSS and open knowledge communities in diferent capacities and securing continuity and sustainability for our previous projects - since our work is what we are proud about. Without further ado let us share with you what we have been up to:

About last month: Social Good Summit

A few months ago we were delighted to work with UNDP Albania for Social Good Summit, a yearly event and quite an important one for the Development program of the United Nations. The topic for 2018 was #2030NOW, which aims to shape the world via civil involvement, democratic partaking and technology as we want it to be in 2030.
Our work consisted of training young local volunteers and assisting them in mapping the public buildings and adding them on WheelMap, an open source app that helps you map and find wheelchair accessible places and published the data on OpenStreetMap. By the passionate work of some local talented youngsters and mentorship from our crew, more than 93 objects were added on Wheelmap along the main boulevard of the city, just in one day.

But those results would be technically unreachable and our efforts would be in vain if it wasn't for the engagement of the local volunteers. Since the beginning of the summit, we realized those guys were not accidentally part of the team. Their fast-learning abilities, desire for learning and their proactive actions generated the best paradigm of the youth that could make the world a better place to live in 2030. Their commitment also should be pure inspiration for every FLOSS activist.

Read more in our first blog post: More accessibility at Social Good Summit 2018.

More news from our free open source world

Collective68 at FOSDEM

Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at this 'not to be missed' event in Brussels. Redon was at the openSUSE team and Boris talked about VR and AI at the Mozilla DevRoom.

Trusted Partners

We have many requests for different projects which require FLOSS specialist that we call in to implement these projects. We identify these partners as friends and 'trusted partners'. More about this new approach in one of our next editions of our newsletter.


There is an old saying that goes: show me your friends and I'll know everything about you! This is the reason why for the last months we have been planning to announce our official partnerships with distinguished initiatives in the FLOSS industry. We will announce our first partner in February, so make sure you visit our blog from time to time.