Dear friends,
A few months have passed since we, a team of open source professionals, started working together to offer high quality services for small & medium enterprises (SMEs), communities and organizations. In a world full of infinite nasty online ads, digital attacks, bad UX for floss initiatives, proprietary software and massive surveillance from social networks, the concept of Ethical Tech is hidden from daily jargon and is replaced with efficiency and convenience. In such reality, it is more important than ever to introduce qualitative free open source based solutions to companies and organizations. Luckily, our team has the required expertise to help you navigate the challenges of the digital age easily.

Engaging local communities through open data

UNDP Albania distinguished our team to work on the implementation of an open data portal for the city of Korça, a beautiful city located in the southeastern part of Albania. After extensive research at a local and international level, we found out that there is lack of documentation in Albanian language related to almost anything 'open data' related. That's why, before jump starting the technical elements of the project, we translated in Albanian Open Data Goldbook, even if it wasn't one of the requirements of the project. 

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