Newsletter No 5

There have been various platforms with Medium being one of the most popular ones, which for a long time now are being used by various stakeholders as their main publishing platform. Its nice interface, intuitive user experience, easy access on metrics for blog posts, ... read more

Newsletter No 4

This March, the World Wide Web made 30 years from its establishment, and it ain't seem to be as Sir Tim Berners-Lee wished: universal, decentralized, free and open to everyone. "What was once a rich selection ... read more

Newsletter No 3

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, we are exceedingly happy to announce that we are offering professional Nextcloud services.For those who are not so familiar, Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software, ... read more

Newsletter No 2

Beginning of the year seems to be a very busy period, and it is very challenging for every FLOSS professional and contributor. This new year has found us working hard on the preparation of implementing Open Data Portal for Kor├ža Municipality, ... read more

Newsletter No 1

A few months have passed since we, a team of open source professionals, started working together to offer high quality services for small & medium enterprises (SMEs), communities and organizations. In a world full of infinite nasty online ads, digital attacks, ... read more